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Ep. 138 - Dickie Pelham

This week on the show, I chat with award-winning sports photographer Dickie Pelham. He has been a sports photographer for over 30 years and is a well-respected figure in the game. During the show, Dickie talks about his brand new book whilst sharing some amazing memories and stories of travelling the world whilst being paid to do something he loves. Even when Dickie speaks you can tell that he is so excited about the stories and photography itself, it makes for a great podcast. Hope you enjoy the show.

Ep. 126 - Nathan Oser

This week on the Creative Waffle podcast, I chat with the designer, author and illustrator Nathan Oser about his venture from America to Japan. We talk about Japanese life, food, culture along with some casual design and book talk. If you like learning about other parts of the world then this podcast is for you…

Ep. 124 - Emilee Rudd

This week on the Creative Waffle podcast, I chat with hand letterer Emilee Rudd. We talk about mentors, how to find mentors, learning a craft from others, right ways to practice, getting inspiration from old books, how lettering is impacted by a digital world, the process of hand lettering, getting outside and how that impacts the creative flow…