Ep. 138 - Dickie Pelham

Ep. 138 - Dickie Pelham

This week on the show, I chat with award-winning sports photographer Dickie Pelham. He has been a sports photographer for over 30 years and is a well-respected figure in the game. During the show, Dickie talks about his brand new book whilst sharing some amazing memories and stories of…

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5 Bullet Breakdown

Things I learnt from the show.

1. 09:40

How Dickie got into photography

2. 19:20

The future of newspapers and newspaper photographers.

3. 35:04

Story of photographers fighting each other on the job

4. 39:50

Photography copyright conversation.

5. 56:20

Last few questions…

How to get into sports photography?

Best purchase under £100?

Life rules to live by?

‘don’t drink on the job”

How do you want to be remembered?

As a nice person.


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