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There are a couple of ways to help the podcast to grow and improve. The first being through sponsorship, please use the form below to get in-touch about sponsoring or advertising a product or service on the show.

Secondly you could visit the Recommended Resources page, this has loads of great products and resources with affiliate links. So any purchases made on through the links on that page will be giving back to the podcast in some form. All products and recommendations on that page are thing that I’ve personally used and love.

Another way to help out the show would be to buy a limited edition t-shirt of the month from our shop. Click here. Every two months we release a new shirt design, created by different illustrators and designers.

The next way to help out the podcast would be via Patreon or donating to the show. There are a couple of levels to the Pateon supports page, from buying me an energy drink to becoming a podcast club member.

Finally, if you’re looking to help out with transcribing, editing, clips, social media posts or something similar then please use the form below to say hi.

Thanks and I appreciate you considering helping the show. 

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